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Emergency Medical Courses



HSC 1994, HSCC 1994 Chester, or HSCC 1994 Kershaw
This DHEC approved course is designed to prepare students for emergency medical technician- basic level, EMT-Basics serve as a vital link in the chain of the health care team. Special pre-testing and pre-requisites apply. Additional expenses include clinical transportation, malpractice insurance, pretesting qualification, etc.
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EMT- Refresher     

HSC 1128
This DHEC approved course is designed to provide EMT's with a review of the medical knowledge to permit them to provide efficient care to the ill and injured at the scene and en route to a medical facility. Special pre-testing and pre-requisites are required.
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Emergency Medical Responder     

HSC 947
This National Registry Certified Emergency Medical Responder course through National Standard Curriculum provides students with the core knowledge, skills and attitudes to function in the capacity of a first responder. The first responder uses a limited amount of equipment to perform initial assessment and intervention and is trained to assist other EMS providers. Call to arrange a class for 6 or more and group rates.
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First Aid     

HSC 968
Students will gain a working knowledge of first aid using an online method of training by the AAOS. Call to arrange a class for 6 or more or to enroll online, call for details and dates.
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