The following schedule will be used to submit and process professional development projects:

  1. The Professional Development Council Organizational Coordinator sends notification of project application deadlines.
  2. Employees submit Project Applications to their supervisors. Projects for participation in external conferences/seminars/workshops must be accompanied by event information and an agenda.
  3. Supervisors complete a Checksheet for Supervisors and submit recommended projects to the Professional Development Council Organizational Coordinator.
  4. The Professional Development Council reads and evaluates all project applications using the Reader Evaluation Form.
  5. The Professional Development Council notifies participants about funded and unfunded projects.
  6. A participant should submit a green PDC Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Voucher form prior to beginning the project.
  7. The project cycle begins and awarded projects are initiated.
  8. Project participants complete activities, obtain a green Professional Development Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Voucher with the Activity Evaluation Form to their supervisor for signature and forward to the Professional Development Coordinator within 30 days after completion of projects
  9. Project participants needing to withdraw from or revise their planned activity should submit formal, written communication to their supervisor and to the PDC Chairperson within five working days of their decision.
  10. Faculty and staff are encouraged to identify development needs and plan activities as a part of their annual performance management planning stage in order to submit proposals during the project cycles. If there is a need for development in a specific area for which a workshop or course has not yet been identified, faculty or staff should outline and submit a proposal with an estimated budget during the appropriate cycle. If the project is approved, funds will be encumbered and made available when the specific workshop or course is identified (within one calendar year from the date of approval). The Organizational Coordinator will send the Professional Development Travel Authorization form when a specific course/workshop is selected.

Interim project applications may be considered, but should not replace well-conceived development plans.


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