Tuition assistance may be given to employees who desire to obtain academic degrees, to take individual credit courses for career advancement, or to increase key job knowledge or skills.

Tuition Assistance Limits

  • Within a twelve month period, total funding per person not to exceed $2000/term.


  • Only employees in permanent positions with at least twelve (12) months of state service are eligible for tuition assistance except for required courses as a condition of employment verified by Human Resources.

  • Employees must work at least thirty (30) hours per week to be eligible for the program.

  • Employees are generally required to work the normal number of hours in their regular work week. However, managers may adjust an employees' normal schedule to allow them make-up work time and/or allow use of annual leave to accommodate class schedules.

  • Tuition assistance will only be provided to employees who attend regionally accredited institutions of higher learning offering courses within South Carolina. Employees should be accepted for admission to those institutions and courses must be taken for academic credit but do not have to be taken toward the completion of a degree.

  • Tuition assistance is not available to employees receiving allowances from any other official source(s), including the G.I. Bill, scholarships, grant-in-aid, etc.


  • Employees must successfully complete the course(s) requirements to have tuition costs reimbursed. Employees who do not successfully complete the course(s) will not be reimbursed. Minimum success criteria for undergraduate courses is a grade of "C." For graduate courses, it is a grade of "B."


  • When considering approval of a request, the following criteria will be considered:
  • Relative value of course(s) to the agency

  • History of course completions by the requestor

  • Amount of tuition assistance already approved in the past for the requestor

  • Amount of funds available for the upcoming fiscal year

  • Workload or staffing


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