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College of Charleston Advisor:
Laura Taylor
(864) 325-2723

College of Charleston Bridge Program


The College of Charleston Collaboration with York Technical College is a new program designed to provide a more seamless transfer from York Technical College to the College of Charleston. Participating students complete two semesters (minimum 31 transferable hours) at York Technical College and then transfer to the College of Charleston, providing minimum GPA requirements are met.

This program is open to freshmen applicants in the York Technical College service area who:

  • would like to transfer after completing fall and spring semesters at York Technical College (minimum 31 transferable hours) and

  • receive an invitation to participate in the program from the College of Charleston.

Why would a student want to participate?

The program is intended for first-time college attendees who are recent high school graduates. Participation in the program is determined by the student's express desire to eventually matriculate at a participating four-year higher education institution.

Are you sure credits from York Technical College will transfer?

Yes! One of the greatest benefits from participation in this collaboration is advanced advising to make certain your credits will transfer to the College of Charleston. Check the link below for more information about transfer credits.

Will AP/IB credits or CLEP courses count in the College of Charleston Collaboration Program?

Credit for AP/IB classes and/or CLEP exams will be evaluated by the College of Charleston. Please contact Laura Taylor at taylorls@cofc.edu for more information.

What do placement scores mean? What happens if test scores indicate a need for developmental courses?

Placement tests in math, reading and writing are used to assess a student's readiness for college level course work. Once testing is complete, a counselor will discuss these scores with the student and make course recommendations.

When test scores indicate a need for developmental courses, the student must successfully complete those courses before enrolling in transfer level courses. Students needing developmental courses are encouraged to take those courses during the summer session in order to be ready for transfer level courses for fall semester. Developmental courses will not transfer to the College of Charleston and are not included in the 31 hours of the College of Charleston Collaboration program.

What about the LIFE Scholarship or Lottery Tuition Assistance programs?

Students wishing to discuss the LIFE Scholarship, Lottery Tuition Assistance, or any other means of financial aid are encouraged to contact the Financial Resources Office at York Technical College.

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