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The purpose of the English/Humanities Department is to offer accessible, relevant, and high quality education by providing a comprehensive program of competency- based instruction in the area of communication.  By teaching a wide variety of courses that blend reading, grammatical, writing, speaking, and critical thinking components, departmental members strive to assist students by upgrading their overall communication skills. 


Full-Time Department Faculty

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First Name


Work Phone


Bass William Instructor, English/
981-7261 bass@yorktech.com
Grant Martin Instructor, English 981-7157 grant@yorktech.com
Hedgepeth Karen Instructor, English 981-7032 khedgepeth@yorktech.com
Kerwan Cathy Instructor, English 981-7035 kerwan@yorktech.com
Macdonald Martha Instructor, English 981-7341 mmacdonald@yorktech.com
Mosley Amanda Department Manager,
981-7393 amosley@yorktech.com
Neal Kathy Instructor, English 981-7015 neal@yorktech.com
Orr Richard Instructor, English 981-7325 orr@yorktech.com
Love Instructor, Spanish/French 981-7335 lsanchez@yorktech.com
Mayfield Cindy Associate Dean for Arts &Sciences 981-7033 cmayfield@yorktech.com

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