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Classroom Management

You can establish a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, especially with advance planning.  Communicate to your students your expectations for classroom behavior along with the consequences for not meeting those expectations.  Use the following links to find more specific information on managing your classroom.

Use the York Technical College Great Expectations document to clearly articulate your expectations for your students.  You can share this with your students for their information and/or have them sign the document to indicate they understand the expectations.

You set the tone for your classroom; remind yourself of your responsibilities by reviewing Great Expectations for Faculty.

YTC has written guidelines to help you deal with disruptive or distressed students.  From the links below, download the guidelines, then listen to the short video for an overview.  If you must file an incident report for disruptive or distressed student behavior, you can use the reporting form. 

Student Misconduct: Disciplinary Procedures

Academic Misconduct: Disciplinary Procedures

Guidelines for Dealing with Disruptive Students

Video for Dealing with Disruptive Students

Disruptive/Distressed Student Reporting Form

College Counseling Services


Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)

As a proactive measure to contribute to a safe campus environment, York Technical College has a Behavior Intervention Team to intervene early and provide support to students displaying varying levels of disruptive or distressed behaviors as well as provide training and recommendations to faculty and staff . The BIT members are comprised of representatives from the Dean for Students Office, Academic Instruction, Counseling Services, Disability Services, and Public Safety.



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