Special Resources Office


Special Test Administration  - Student Guidelines





The Special Resources Office (hereafter, SRO) provides testing accommodations for qualified students with disabilities with the cooperation of instructors.  In order to receive special test administration, the student must have provided the SRO with documentation of a disability that demonstrates the need for specific testing accommodations, must be in an active status with the SRO, and must have presented instructors Faculty Notification Forms.


It is not mandatory that qualifying students use the SRO and its services for every test; students do not have to take every test or quiz in the SRO.  If it is preferred, students may choose to work out individual arrangements with the instructor – in which case, there is no need to complete an Authorization to Administer Testing with Accommodations form.


If the testing accommodation is for extended time only, students will go to the Assessment Center and will be required to follow its policies and procedures.


SRO Special Test Administration Requirements


ü      Students must confirm an active status with the SRO at the beginning of every semester.


ü      Students must notify each instructor of their status with the SRO by presenting Faculty Notification Forms specifying specific accommodation requests.  NOTE:  The student does not have to disclose details of a disability with the instructor.


Testing Procedures in the SRO


q       Students MUST schedule tests with the SRO a minimum of three (3) working days prior to the testing date for each test allowing the SRO to reserve a room and make all arrangements necessary for proper test administration.


q       For each test, students MUST request/remind the instructor to complete an Authorization form to be sent with the test to the SRO.


q       Only one (1) late authorization form will be accepted each semester.  Late forms will receive a “LATE” stamp and are kept on file.  After one late form, accommodated testing will not be provided unless authorization forms are turned in on time.


q       Quizzes and in-class writing assignments present additional challenges due to short notice.  It is important that students make instructors aware of the SRO testing policies and the required advanced notice.


q       All tests are administered by the SRO during the regular class time.  Any variations must be FIRST approved by the instructor and indicated on the Authorization form and coordinated with the SRO.


q       If the instructor arranges for the student to pick up the test prior to the scheduled test time, it should be in a sealed envelope with the instructor’s signature across the seal.


q       Tardiness for an accommodated test will be treated the same as tardiness for a classroom test; the time will be deducted from the allotted test time.  If the student is more than 20 minutes late, the test will not be administered.


q       Scheduled test time may not be used for study or review.


q       The student is responsible for providing pencils, pens, calculators, etc. necessary for the test.  Any materials taken into the testing room are subject to be inspected by the test proctor before the test begins.  No books, book bags, or cell phones will be allowed in the testing room.


q       If the student does not take the test in the SRO as scheduled, the student must contact the instructor immediately.  The SRO is not responsible for determining if tests may be rescheduled.


q       If the instructor allows the student to reschedule a test, the student may then contact the SRO to request assistance.  However, the SRO still requires a three (3) day advance notice; it may be necessary for the student to work out special testing arrangements directly with the instructor.


q       If the student is scheduled to take a test in the SRO and later decides to take the test in the classroom, please call the SRO to cancel the test appointment before the scheduled test time.


Academic Dishonesty


The Student Conduct section (Item 4) of York Technical College’s catalog/handbook describes consequences for academic dishonesty.  More information is presented in the Student Code and Grievance Procedures which is available in division offices.


Academic dishonesty is a serious charge with serious consequences.  Disciplinary sanctions could include suspension from York Technical College.  Any effort to gain an advantage not given to all students is dishonest whether the effort is successful or not.  When in doubt about plagiarism, paraphrasing, quoting, or collaboration, consult the instructor.  Any attempt to cheat will be immediately reported to the instructor and may jeopardize future provisions of services through the Special Resources Office. Students should never put themselves in the position of anyone questioning their integrity!





LEAP/SRO Director Signature  /  Date


SRO Student Signature  /  Date


Procedure Checklist




1.    ­­­_____Remember, a minimum three (3) days advance notice and room reservation is required for all tests administered in the Special Resources Office (SRO).  Appointments are to be made with the Administrative Assistant in the SRO.


2.    _____ It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that the your instructor includes an Authorization to Administer Testing with Accommodations form with each test.  These forms are available in the SRO.  Instructors are also given access to the forms electronically.  One form must be completed and accompany each test.


3.    _____Your instructor may require that you complete the top section of the Authorization to Administer Testing with Accommodations form.  The instructor will complete the remainder of the form.


4.    _____ If there are any changes, conflicts or problems with your test, please call the Special Resources Office as soon as possible (327-8007 or 1-800-922-8324, ext. 8007).