BCT Courses

Prefix/No. Title
BCT 102 Fundamentals of Building Construction
BCT 104 Site Layout and Preparation
BCT 105 Tool Usage and Safety
BCT 106 Beginning Woodworking
BCT 108 Finish Trim
BCT 112 Construction Print Reading
BCT 131 Estimating/Quality Takeoff
BCT 141 Fixtures and Installation
BCT 142 Fundamentals of Construction Safety
BCT 150 Plumbing
BCT 151 Introduction of Residential Plumbing
BCT 154 Plumbing Test and Connections
BCT 157 Residential Commercial Plumbing Codes
BCT 206 Roofing Construction
BCT 221 Construction Building Code
BCT 223 Residential Mechanical Systems
BCT 230 Bidding, Contracts, and Specifications
BCT 231 Construction Labor and Expediting