• Radiologic Technology

    The Radiologic Technology Program prepares the student to become an essential member of the health care team.

    The student radiographer learns about the characteristics and potential hazards of radiation, and applies this knowledge to produce quality diagnostic images which will assist the physician in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases.

  • Department Chair
    Radiologic Technology
    A Building, Room A-130
    Phone: (803) 981-7011
  • Courtney Jadidian, MSRS RRA, RT (R)
    Clinical Coordinator
    Radiologic Technology
    Phone: (803) 981-7036

    20 N. Wacker Drive Suite 2850
    Chicago, IL 60606
    Phone: 312-704-5300
    Fax: 312-704-5304
  • This 24 month program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. Upon completion of this program, the graduate is eligible for certification by the American Registry Radiologic Technologists. Upon passing this examination, graduates are entitled to use the abbreviation R.T. (registered technologist) after their names and to the privileges offered by this registration.

    Progress/Rotation Evaluation Form

    Additional information on admission requirements and placement test scores can be found under Programs and Classes.   

    “York Technical College’s pass rates on the American Registry of Radiologic Technology certification exam have been 100% for the past 14 out of the last 15 years. National Comparison rates are consistently well above the national average for York Technical College program graduates based upon data from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists”.


    • AAS Degree - Radiologic Technology
    • Allied Health Science Certificate
    • Advance Certificate in Computed Tomography 

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    Download Program Standards for Radiologic Technology (PDF)

  • Mission Statement: 

    The Radiologic Technology Program at York Technical College is an accredited, associate degree program which provides accessible, relevant, and high quality education. Through various delivery methods, the program prepares qualified students to apply radiation to humans in a healthcare setting in order to produce diagnostic images using radiographic equipment and imaging systems under the direction of a physician. By providing a comprehensive program of competency-based instruction in Radiologic Technology, the program promotes an atmosphere of life-long learning for the purpose of graduating competent radiographers able to function as radiologic science professionals in the healthcare community.
  • Program Effectiveness Data


    YEAR COMPLETED PROGRAM/Enrollment  Number of Graduates sitting for ARRT exam  Number of Graduates passing ARRT exam on 1st attempt  Average score/national percentile rank for the cohort  Graduate Placement  

    12 mos. Post. Graduation amongst actively seeking

    2014-12 grads/18=67%       12                         12/100%  89.6/88th   100% (10 seeking)  
    2015-14 grads/19=74%   14 14/100%  88.7/84th  100% (13 seeking) 
    2016-14 grads/21=67%   14  14/100%  87.1/72nd                                                                100% (14 seeking) 
    2017-11 grads/19=58%   11   11/100%  87.3/71st   100% (11 seeking) 
    2018-15 grads/20=75%  15 15/14/93%  88.3/70th 100% (15 seeking) 
    TOTALS/AVERAGES  66/97 - 68%  Retention  66/65 - 99% Passing 1st attempt  88.2% for 5-year average (75% required to pass)  100% (63) 

    2017-2018 Radiology Program Assessment Plan